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Food in Season

Food in Season

New this month: Jersey Royal new potatoes are at their peak now – and their price now more reasonable, not to be missed especially, gently scrubbed and boiled with mint and served with good butter. By mid June they have a little less flavour. For all other new potatoes, rub their skin with your fingers, and if the skin doesn’t flake off, the skins will almost certainly be tough, and the flavour disappointing.

Home-produced varieties from the mainland, are also in the shops. With new potatoes, you get what you pay for, on the flavour-stakes. 

English Asparagus is in full flow – and our green variety is probably the best in the world. 

British strawberries are also plentiful, and have more flavour, than those of a month ago. The first outdoor rhubarb has also appeared, replacing that ‘forced’ in the spring. 

On the meat front, Spring Lamb is now a little cheaper, and although its flavour is mild – if you seek out lamb bred on salt marshes, it’s a real treat, if handled simply, and not cooked until it’s ‘grey’. 

Sea Trout should be sought out if spotted on fishmongers slabs, and with the extreme price demanded for wild salmon, it’s a delicious treat – and even preferred by many people to the latter. 

Other food in season is as follows -        

Cheeses (at their best): 

British & Irish Cheeses: Berkswell; Caerphilly Traditional Farmhouse; Cheddar Traditional Farmhouse; Cheshire Traditional Farmhouse; Chulchoill; Coolea; Cooleeney; Cornish Yarg; Cotherstone; Doddington; Dorstone; Dunbarra; Dunlop (with rind); Durrus; Exmoor Blue; Finn; Gortnamona; Gubbeen; Hafod; Kilcummin; Lancashire Traditional Farmhouse; Lincolnshire Poacher; Partridges Blue; Perroche; Ragstone; Red Leicester; Single Gloucester; Seator's Orkney; St. Brendan; St. Gill; St, Killian; Sharpham; Sharpham Elmhirst; Sharpham Rustic; Somerset Blue; Spenwood; Stinking Bishop; Spenwood; Ticklemore; Waterloo; Wensleydale (Hawes); Wigmore; Woolsery

French Cheeses: Aligot; Anneau du Vic-Bilh; Apérobic; Ardi-Gasna; Aubisque Pyrénées; Autun; Barkass; Beaujolais pur Chèvre; Besace de pur Chèvre; Bigoton; Bilou du Jura; Bonde de Gâtine; Le Bouca; Bouton D'Oc; Brocciu; Bûchette de Banon; Brebis du Bersend; Brebis du Lochois; Bressan; Brique Ardéchoise; Bûchette d'Anjou; Cabécou de Rocamadour; Caillé de Lait de Vache; Camembert de Normandie; Cantal; Le Cathelain; Chabichou du Pitou; Chabis AOC; Chaource; Charolais; Chaumes; Chef-Boutonne; Chèvre Fermier; Chevrette des Bauges; Chevrotin (various); Civray; Clacbitou; Comté; Couhé-Vérac; Crottin D'Ambert; Crottin de Chavignol; Crottin de Pays; Emmental Grand Cru; Epoisses de Bourgogne; Fourme D'Ambert; Fourme de Chèvre Ardeche; Le Fougerus; Frinault; Fromage Corse; Fromage Fermier Pur Brebis; Fromageon Fermier au Lait Cru de Brebis; Galet de Bigorre; Galet Solognot; Gaperon; Grand Colombier des Aillons; Laguiole; Langres; Livarot; Maroilles; Matocq; Mont D'Or du Lyonnais; Moularen; Munster; Neufchâtel Fermier; Parmigiano; Pavé Blésois; Pérail; Picadou; Picodon Fermier; Pont L'Evêque; Pouligny-Saint-Pierre; Pourly; Quatre-Vents; Reblochon de Savoie; Roquefort; Saint-Félicien de Lamastre; Saint-Nectaire Fermier; Saint-Pancrace; Sainte-Maure de Touraine Fermier; Salers; Santranges; Le Saulxurois; Selles-Sur-Cher Fermier; Tarentais; Tomme de Savoie Fermier; Toucy; Valençay; Vendômois 

Fish & Seafood: Sea Bream, Brill, Brown Trout, Clams, Cod, Coley (or Saithe), Conger Eels, Crab, Crawfish, Dabs, Dover Sole, Dublin Bay Prawns (Scampi), Eels, Flounder (Fluke), Hake, Halibut, Herring, Lemon Sole, Lobster, Mackerel (available, but spawning, so not at their best), Greenland Halibut (Mock Halibut), Oysters (Rock), Plaice, Prawns, Red Mullet, Salmon (wild), Sardines, Scallops, Sea Bass, Sea Trout, Shrimps, Skate, Trout (Rainbow), Turbot, Whelks, Whitebait, Whiting, Witch Flounder 

Poultry & Game: Chicken, Duck, Guinea Fowl, Pigeon, Rabbit, Turkey, Venison 

Fruit; (H/P means home-produced): Apples, Apricots, Avocado Pears, Bananas, Cherries, Gooseberries, Grapefruit, Grapes, Kumquats, Lemons, Limes, Lychees, Mangoes (look for Afonso's from India later in the month), Melons, Oranges, Peaches, Pears, Pineapples, Raspberries, Rhubarb (H/P [actually a vegetable], Strawberries(H/P) 

Vegetables; (H/P means home-produced): Asparagus (H/P), Aubergines, Beetroot, Broad Beans, Broccoli; Cabbages (H/P), Carrots (H/P), Cauliflower (H/P), Celery(H/P), Chicory(H/P), Chilies, Courgettes, Cucumbers, Endive(H/P), Fennel, French Beans, Garlic, Globe Artichokes, Hop Shoots (H/P), Jerusalem Artichokes, Kohl rabi, Leeks (H/P), Lettuce (H/P), Mange-tout peas(H/P), Mint (H/P), Morel Mushrooms, Mushrooms Cultivated (H/P); Mushroom Wild -  Morel (Morille), Wood Blewit (Pied Bleu), Fairy Ring Mushroom (Mousseron), Mousseron Violet, Mousseron St Georges, Cauliflower Mushroom (Sparassis) - Onions (H/P), Parsley (H/P), Parsley (H/P), Peas, Peppers, Potatoes, New (H/P), Potatoes, Radishes, Rhubarb (H/P), Rocket (H/P), Salad Leaves (H/P), Salsify, Samphire (H/P), Seakale (H/P), Sorrel (H/P), Spinach(H/P), Spring Onions(H/P), Tomatoes (H/P), Turnips, young, Watercress (H/P)


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