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Food in Season

Food in Season

Cheeses (at their best):

British & Irish Cheeses: Caerphilly Traditional Farmhouse; Cheddar Traditional Farmhouse; Cheshire Traditional Farmhouse; Coolea; Cooleeney; Cornish Yarg; Cotherstone; Doddington; Dunlop (with rind); Durrus; Exmoor Blue; Gubbeen; Hafod; Kilcummin; Lancashire Traditional Farmhouse; Lincolnshire Poacher; Partridges Blue; Red Leicester; Single Gloucester; Seator's Orkney; Sharpham; St. Brendan; St. Gill; St. Killian; Somerset Blue; Spenwood; Stilton; Strichelton; Ticklemore; Wensleydale (Hawes)

French Cheeses: Camembert de Normandie; Cantal; Chaumes; Comté; Emmental Grand Cru; Epoisses de Bourgogne; Fourme D'Ambert; Gaperon; Laguiole; Langres; Livarot; Maroilles; Parmigiano; Pérail; Pont L'Evêque; Roquefort; Salers; Le Saulxurois; Vacherin du Haut-Doubs; Vacherin Mont d’Or 

Fish:  Sea Bass, Brill, Carp, Clams, Cod, Coley (or Saithe), Congers Eels, Crab, Dover Sole, Dublin Bay Prawns (Scampi), Eels, Flounder (Fluke), Grey Mullet, Haddock, Hake, Halibut, Herring, Lemon Sole, Lobster, Mackerel, Greenland Halibut (Mock Halibut), Mussels, Oysters (Native), Oysters(Rock), Pike, Plaice, Prawns, Scallops, Shrimps, Skate, Smelts, Sprats, Trout, Rainbow, Turbot, Whiting, Winkles, Witch Flounder 

Poultry & Game: Chicken, Duck, Goose, Guinea Fowl, Hare, Partridge, Pheasant, Pigeon, Rabbit, Snipe, Turkey, Venison, Wild Goose, Wild Ducks, Woodcock 

Fruit; (H/P means home-produced): Almonds, Apples (H/P), Apricots, Avocado Pears, Bananas, Brazil Nuts, Clementines, Cranberries, Dates, Grapefruit, Grapes, Kiwi, Lemons, Lychees, Mandarins, Mangoes, Melons, Nectarines, Oranges, Peaches, Pears, Pineapples, Plums, Pomegranates, Rhubarb, forced (H/P), Satsumas, Strawberries, Tangarines, Walnuts 

Vegetables; (H/P means home-produced): Asparagus, Aubergines, Beetroot (H/P), Broccoli, purple-sprouting, Broccoli, white; Brussels Sprouts (H/P), Brussel Tops (H/P), Cabbages (H/P), Carrots (H/P), Cauliflower, Celeriac (H/P), Celery, Chicory (H/P), Courgettes, Cucumbers, Endive, Fennel, French Beans, Garlic, Globe Artichokes, Horseradish, Jerusalem Artichokes, Kale, Kohl rabi, Leeks (H/P), Lettuce, Mushrooms cultivated (H/P), Mushrooms Wild – Yellow/Grey Chanterelles, Girolles (Chanterelles), Wood Blewit (Pied Bleu), Wood Hedgehog (Pied de Mouton), Cauliflower Mushroom (Sparassis) - Mustard & Cress (H/P), Onions (H/P), Parsley (H/P), Parsnips (H/P), Peppers, Potatoes, new; Radishes, Salsify, Sea Kale, Shallots, Spinach, Spring Green (H/P), Spring Onions, Swedes (H/P), Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes, Truffles, Turnips (H/P), Watercress

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