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British Foods you must Try

British Foods you must Try

Friday 14th December 2018

Black Pudding from Ramsay of Carluke

Black Suffolk Bacon from Emmett’s in Peasenhall

Blue Cheese – Beauvale – made byThe Crpwell Bishop Dairy of Stilton fame, but in the style of a Gorgonzola

Butter – salted whey – from the Isle of Man Creamery, delicious and no more expensive than your supermarket butter

Charcuterie from Trealy Farm, Monmouthshire

Cheddar Cheese from one of the few families that still make it properly – Keen's of Wincantom, Quickes and Montgomery's from North Cadbury (all these cheese are naturally matured in cheesecloth, rather than over-salted [to imitate age] and wrapped in plastic)

Chocolate from Rococco – pricy but worth every penny for a special treat

Coffee: there are many excellent coffee suppliers, and we all have different tastes – but my favourite is the Monmouth Coffee House in Covent Garden and near Boriugh Market – I personally go for their Dark Roast Colonbian. You can buy the beans freeze them, then remove and grind them yourself at will.

Fish – from any of the shops or online outlets given 3 stars on Gourmet Britain

Geese (after Michelmas) – from Goodman's Geese in Worchestershire or Anne Botterill near Grantham – for both these producers you will have to reserve your bird months ahead – but it's worth it

Madeira Soused Herring from Loch Fyne Oyster of Clachan (not to be confused with the national fish restaurant chain – now owned separately by the brewers Greene & King)

Meat from any of the butchers given 3 stars on the Online.:ail Order section of Gourmet Britain.

Pork Pies – from Leesons Family Butchrs of Oakham, Rutland or Dickinson & Morris of Melton Mowbray

Pork Sausages from either Ginger Butchers of Bakewell , Lambournes butchers (their Old Spot with Sage) or Frank Parker of Nuneaton

Rapeseed Oil, Mellow Yellow cod-pressed from Farringtons

Scotch Eggs – from The Handmade cotch Egg Company of Bishops Frome

Smoked Cods Roe - Springs Smoked Salmon, Edburton

Smoked Salmon – from farmed fish -  Springs Smokery of Edburton in Sussex - yes Suussex!

Smoked Salmon – Wild from UIG Lodge near Stornaway – an expensive luxury, but perhaps once in a liftime

Steak & Ale Pie – from Turners Pies of West Sussex or Pie by Post of Lochinverm Sutherland

Turkeys – from Copas, near Maidenhead. They supply free-range turkeys to butchers all over country so you might find an outlet near you – give them a ring and they will tell you. Or Goodman's Geese in Worchestershire/ 

and for that special occasion A piece of Turbot – fillet or cut across the bone (with any sauce served in a jug to the side) 

One of biggest worries is that the new Oxo cube fix, is to serve everything with some sort of chili background (whether it be Cayenne pepper, which needs treating with great care [rather like Red Tabasco]) or with a sprinkling of chili flakes. I already know people who think that food without some sort of chili, as tasteless – which means my turbot suggestion – see above – would be regarded as tasteless. Very worrying. 

You can find out how to buy these things by looking at Gourmet Britain – my Online section (unless you live locally to one of these producers).