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English - American Equivalents

English American English

Aubergine Eggplant

Bain marie Double boiler

Bramble (blackberry) Blackberry

Banger Sausage

Bap Hamburger bun

Boiled sweet Hard candy

Brawn Head cheese

Broad bean Fava/lima bean

Candy floss Cotton candy

Caster sugar Superfine sugar

Chicory Endive

Courgette Zucchini

Chips French or Freedom fries

Cling film Plastic wrap

Crisp Potato chip

Coriander Cilantro

Cornflour Cornstarch

Conserves Preserves

Courgette Zucchini

Cream, double Heavy cream

Cream, single Light cream

Crisps Potato chips

Currant Raisin

Cutlet Chop

Endive Chicory

Faggot Meatball

Fairy cake Cup cake

Fish fingers Fish sticks

French bean String bean or Snap bean

Frying pan Skillet

Greaseproof paper Waxed paper

Groundnut Peanut

Gammon Ham

Glacé fruit Candied fruits

Greaseproof paper Wax paper

Hundred & thousands Sprinkes

Hull (verb) Shuck

Ice lolly popsicle

Icing Frosting

Icing sugar Confectioner's sugar

Jacket potato Baked potato

Jam Jelly

Jelly Jello

Kipper Smoked herring

Liquidiser Blender

Made mustard Prepared mustard

Mange tout Snow peas

Mince Ground meat/Hash

Muesli Granola

Muslin Cheesecloth

Offal Variety meats

Pasty Meat wrap

Pasty Meat wrap

Paw paw Papaya

Plonk Cheap wine

Porridge Oatmeal

Peppers, sweet Bell peppers

Prawn Shrimp

Profiterole Cream puff

Pudding Dessert

Semolina Cream of wheat

Shandy Beer and lemonade

Sirloin steak Porterhouse

Snifter Cocktail

Sorbet Sherbert

Spring/salad onions Scallions

Squash (drink) Juice Starter Appetizer

Stock cube Bouillon cube

Sultanas Golden raisins

Swede Rutabaga

Sweet Dessert

Tin Can

Tin foil Aluminum wrap

Sultana Golden currant

Toffee Taffy

Treacle Molasses

Vegetable marrow Squash

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