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Alternative Medicine

The medical problems listed below, and the natural products reputed to ease them.

Acid/Alkali balance: Croucroute/Sauerkraut;

Acne: Evening Primrose Oil; Royal jelly; Sesame oil; Yellow Dock Root;

Aging; Anti: Astragalus (Astragalus Mambranaceus); Selenium;

Alcohol (to minimise the effects to the body): Vitamin C, Vitamin C, the amino acid 'Cysteine' & 'L-glutamine', the Chinese herb 'Kudzu'

Allergies relating to Food: Bee pollen; Vitamin C, B6, E, Calcium taken with Zinc; Evening Primrose Oil; Reishi;

Alzheimer's disease, to treat: Ginko Biloba:

Anaemia: Apricots, Desiccated Liver;

Angina: Hawthorn;

Antibiotics; (when taking): Acidophilus capsules, 'Live' yoghurt;

Antidepressants; nutritional: See Antidepressants; nutritional:

Anxiety, to ease: St. John's Wort; Valerian;

Aphrodisiac: Damiana;

Appetite; to decrease: Avocado, Bran, Celery stalks, Fennel; Guar gum, Hydroxycitric acid (HCA - as in Citrimax tablets, freshly-squeezed Lemon juice

Appetite; to increase: Alfalfa sprouts, Angelica, Aniseed, Apples, Bee pollen; Caraway, Carrot juice, Cayenne pepper, Celery leaves, Centaury, Chicken, Cider vinegar, Exercise; Grapefruit, Liver, Mushrooms, Oranges, Strawberries, Sweetcorn, Tomatoes

Arthritis: Blackcurrants and their leaves; Borage; Cod liver oil; Collagen type 11; Coriander seeds; Devil's Claw; Ginseng; Evening Primrose Oil; Green-lipped mussel capsules;

Asthma: Bee pollen; Borage; Evening Primrose Oil;

Bile; to promote secretion: Barberry;

Bleeding, Internal: Buckwheat;

Blood clotting; to stop: Evening Primrose Oil,

Blood Pressure; to increase: Rue;

Blood Pressure; to reduce: Bananas, Borage; Buckwheat; Celery; Evening Primrose; Exercise; Ginger root infusion, Hawthorn; Oat bran; Omega-3; Pink Grapefruit Juice, Unripe Persimmon;

Blood Purifier: Elder; Umeboshi;

Blood sugar level; to reduce: Fenugreek;

Blood Sugar levels; to stabilise: Kohlrabi;

Bones, to strengthen: Horsetail; Silicon

Breath; to improve bad eminating from the stomach: Cider Vinegar; Senna;

Bruising: Arnica

Burns: Aloe Vera,

Calcium Absorption; to facilitate: Horsetail;

Cancer, prevention: Selenium;

Cancer, treatment: Pay d'Arco; Reishi;

Candida albicans - see Thrush

Carcinogen; anti: Brewer's Yeast; Broccoli; Kelp;

Chemotherapy, to reduce side effects: Reishi:

Cholesterol (LDL); Lowering: Aubergines; Bran; Fibre, Dietary; Exercise; Evening Primrose Oil; Dietary Fibre; Garlic; Glucomannan, Green tea; Guar gum; Okra; Olive leaf extract; Omega-3; Onions; Panganic acid; Reishi, Soy beans

Coeliac disease: Gluten-free diet;

Colds: Elder; Rose hips;

Colon cancer, to prevent: Fibre, Dietary;

Constipation: Alder; Almonds; Chickweed; Fibre, Dietary; Kombucha; Linseed;

Cough: Take 1-4 teaspoonfuls of Acacia/Gum Arabic per cup of water; Almonds;

Cracked lips (Angular Stomatitis) - see Lips, Cracked;

Cuts: Aloe Vera,

Cystitis: Buchu; Corn on the cob 'silks';

Dandruff; Sage;

Depression, to lift: Proline/L-Proline;

Diabetes: Fenugreek; Fibre, Dietary; Glucomannan, Unrefined flour; Wheat Germ;

Diarrhoea: Take 1-4 teaspoonfuls of Acacia/Gum Arabic per cup of water; 'Tea' made with Agrimony; 'Dried Amaranth flowers'; Buckwheat; Unripe Persimmon; Raspberry leaf tea;

Digestion Aid: Angelica; Aniseed; Bananas, Cardamom, Cider Vinegar; Papaya; Pineapple; St. John's Wort; Umeboshi;

Diverticulosis: Fibre, Dietary;

Dizziness: Rose tea; Rose hips;

Dysentery: Take 1-4 teaspoonfuls of Acacia/Gum Arabic per cup of water; 'Dried Amaranth flowers'; Buckwheat;

Eczema: Evening Primrose Oil;

Energy, to increase: Creatine; Choucroute/Sauerkraut; Exercise; Kombucha; St. John's Wort;

Enteritis (inflammation of the intestine): 'Tea' made with Agrimony;

Epileptic fits; to suppress: Valerian;

Fainting; prevention of: Valerian;

Flatulence: Aniseed; Fennel;

Fatigue; to relieve: Bee pollen; Ginseng; Cola; Royal jelly;

Fever; to reduce temperature: Arnica, Elder; Yarrow

Flatulence, to relieve: Caraway, Cardamom, Celery, Chickweed,

Fleas, to repel: Centaury;

Frigidity: to dispel: Histidine;

Gallstones, to prevent: Fibre, Dietary; Linseed Oil;

Gargle: Raspberry leaf tea;

Goitre: Seeweed extract;

Gout: Angelica root; Blackcurrants and their leaves; Devil' Claw; Nettle tea;

Haemorrhoides: Buckwheat; Fibre, Dietary; Figs;

Hair Tonic: Arnica; Horsehair; Kombucha; Silicon; Wucalyptus;

Headache: Rose tea; Rose hips;

Heartburn: a few raw Almonds; a glass of cold Milk;

Heart Protection: Evening Primrose oil; Omega-3; Selenium; Zinc with baby Aspirin;

Heart Palpertations: Valerian;

Heart Toner: Celery, Dietary Fibre; Hawthorn; Reishi;

Herpes: Lysine;

Hot Flushes; to alleviate: Bee pollen; Dong Quai;

Hypertension - see Blood Pressure, lowering:

Hypoglycaemia: Avocado; Chromium;

Immune System; to fortify: Astragalus (Astragalus Mambranaceus); Choucroute/Sauerkraut; Propolis; Reishi,

Impotence: Ginseng;

Indigestion: Chamomile;

Inflammation, to reduce: Feverfew;

Insomnia: Chamomile; Cinnamon seeds; Exercise; Hawthorn; Lavender oil; Lemon Balm,

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Aloe Vera; Fibre, Dietary; Peppermint;

Joints; inflammed: Turmeric;

Kidney, cleansing: Kombucha;

Kidney disease: Royal jelly;

Kidney stones: Corn on the cob 'silks'; Horsetail; Radish juice; avoid Rhubarb;

Labour - to prevent premature: Raspberry leaf infusion:

Laxative: Agar-Agar; Barberry; Psyllium; Senna;

Lice, to repel: Centaury;

Lips, cracked (Angular Stomatitis): B-complex vitamins; eggs; green leafy vegetables; wholemeal bread;

Liver, cleansing: Kombucha; Pangamic acid;

Liver disorders: 'Tea' made with Agrimony; Barberry; Pau d'Arco; Reishi; Royal jelly; Yellow Dock Root;

Liver, protection against alcohol: Cysteine;

Low Blood Sugar - see Hypoglycaemia

Lung infections: Elder;

Lymph glands - swollen: Seaweed extract;

Memory, to improve: Ginko Biloba; Ginseng;

Menstruation; to bring on: Aniseed; Caraway, Lemon Balm; Parsley; Rue;

Menstrual bleeding; excessive: Amaranth flowers;

Menstrual Pain: Bee pollen; Borage; Cinnamon seeds; Lemon Balm; Oregano; Raspberry leaf infusion;

Menstrual - to help pre-menstrual tension: Dong Quai; Evening Primrose Oil; St. John's Wort;

Metabolic Rate; to speed-up: Aniseed;

Migrane: Blue flag, Borage; Celery, Evening Primrose Oil;

Milk Production; to stimulate in Nursing Mothers: Aniseed; Cumin seeds; Fenugreek;

Morning Sickness: Ginger Powder;

Mouth Sores: Barberry; Rose hips;

Muscle Building: HMB,

Muscular Spains: Turmeric;

Nails; to strengthen: Kombucha; Silicon;

Obesity: Fibre, Dietary;

Oedema see Water Retention.

Pregnant; to help conceive: Bee pollen;

Prostate; to alleviate an enlarged: Bee pollen;

Respiratory Problems: Propolis;

Rheumatic joints: a poultice made with Alder; Blackcurrants and their leaves;

Scabies: Angelica,

Sea sickness - see Travel sickness:

Sexual potency; to increase: Bee pollen; Exercise; Royal jelly;

Skin - also see Acne

Skin, age spots - to eliminate: Sesame oil;

Skin, to ease dry: Banana skins,

Skin; to soften: Blackcurrant; Royal jelly; Sesame oil; Silicon;

Sleeplessness - see Insomnia

Slimming Aid: Chickweed; Chromium; Exercise; Fennel; Glucomannan; Guar gum; HMB; Ma Huang;

Sore Throat: Take 1-4 teaspoonfuls of Acacia/Gum Arabic per cup of water; Blackcurrant syrup; Propolis;

Sprains - see Muscular Sprains:

Stress: Chamomile; Desiccated Liver; Exercise; Jasmin tea; Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5),

Stomach problems: Elm;

Sunburn: Aloe Vera,

Teeth, to strengthen: Horsetail; Silicon

Throat infections; Elm;

Thrush: Acidophilus capsules; Caprylic Acid; 'Live' yoghurt; Pau d'Arco;

Thyroid, underactive: Avoid raw brassica's (See Brassica); Kombucha;

Tonic; General: Umeboshi;

Tonsillitis: Propolis;

Travel sickness: Ginger root,

Tumours: Reishi,

Ulcers: Angelica; Elm; Dietary Fibre; Okra;

Urinary problems: Buchu;

Vaginal dryness: Dong Quai;

Vaginal infections: Blue flag;

Varicose veins: Buckwheat,

Water Retention (oedema): Alfalfa; Blackberry root; Blue flag; Celery, Parsley; Seaweed extract;

Weight, to lose - see Slimming:

Well Being: Brewer's Yeast;

Wounds, to Heal: Yarrow,

Worms; intestinal: Blue Flag; Hops; Senna;

Also see 'Homoeopatic Remedies'. For interesting further reading 'Nutrients A to Z' by Dr. Michael Sharon (Prion Books) is a must.

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