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Korean Menu items

Bab/bap: rice. See Pap/pahb.

Bibimbap: - see Pibimbap.

Bokum: a stir-fried dish, generally including chili.

Chapch'ae/chap; chee/jap; chee: beef cooked with mixed vegetables with thin noodles.

Cheon/jon: meaning something "thin or flat", this can range from a pancake to thinly sliced vegetables.

Cheyuk: pork.

Cheyuk pokkeum: a pork stir-fry, strongly-flavoured with chili.

Chigae/jigae: a hot stew containing fermented bean paste and chilis.

Gim/kim: dried seaweed, toasted and seasoned with salt and sesame oil.

Gosari namul:  - see Ko sari na mool

Gu shul pan: a traditional lacquered tray with nine compartments containing individual appetisers.

Hobak chun/hobak jun: sliced marrow in a light batter.

Jigae: - see Chigae

Jjim: meat or fish stewed slowly in soy sauce, garlic and sugar.

Kalbi/kalbee: marinated and barbecued spare ribs.

Kim :- see Gim

Kimch"l/kimchi/kim chee: pickled vegetables. Generally served in a small bowl with a spicy chilli sauce.

Koch"ujang: hot red bean paste.

Kkaktugi/kkakttugi: pickled radish.

Kook/gook/kuk/guk: soup.

Ko sari na mool: cooked bracken stalks dressed with sesame seeds.

Mandu kuk/man doo kook: clear soup with steamed meat dumplings.

Na mool/namul: vegetable side dishes.

Ojingeo: squid.

Ojingeo pokkeum: stir-fried squid in chili sauce.

P"ajeon: a pancake served with spring onions and generally seafood.

Panch"an: side dishes; these generally include pickled vegetables, but a more elaborate selection might include fish, seaweed and tofu.

Pap/pahb: rice.

Pibimbap: mixed rice, vegetables and meat, with a raw or fried egg served on top. This continues to cook in the mixture, which is often served on a hot stone (tolsot).

Pindaetteok: a pancake made with lentils.

Pokkeum/pokkm: a general word for stir-fry.

Pulgogi: thin slices of marinated beef barbecued at the table - sometimes these are then rolled in a lettuce leaf and eaten with vegetable relishes.

Royal casserole: - see Shinseollo

Shinseollo/shinsonro/shinsuiro: nick-named the royal casserole; a meat "soup" with eggs, seafood, seaweed and vegetables finished at the table.

Soju: Korean rice wine; often drunk as an aperitif.

Toenjang: seasoned, chili-hot soy-bean paste.

Tolsot: a sizzling hot stone bowl, used to make pibimbap.

Teoppap/toppap: means "on top of rice" - for example, twaeji teoppap is pork on rice.

Tteok: bars of compressed rice.

Tteokpokki: bars of compressed rice tteok, fried with vegetables and sausages in a chili sauce on a hot-plate.

Tuigim: - see T"wigim.

Twaeji: pork.

T"wigim/twigim: fish, prawns or vegetables dipped in batter and deep-fried until crisp.

Yukhoe/yukhwoe/yukhwe: shredded raw beef with strips of pear and egg yolk, served chilled.

Yukkaejang: spicy beef soup.

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