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Danish cheeses

These are composed almost entirely of cheeses copied from other countries. The 1951 Stresa Convention (an early agreement on appellation controllee-type problems), decided that countries cheeses should have their own names. The alternative was to give them a name like 'German Brie'; 'Danish Roquefort'.

The most well-known Danish cheeses are as follows -

Bla Castello: a mild, blue, cows' milk cheese, with dark blue veining, similar to Bavarian Blu.

Bolina: A very mild, blue, cows' milk cheese resembling Dolcelatte - with sparse blue veining.

Danablu: A blue cows' milk cheese, designed in the early 20th century to be an imitation to Roquefort. It's the most commonly found Danish cheese in Britain,and is often labelled 'Danish Blue'. It can be over salty, and certainly lacks subtlety.

Danbo: A rather bland cows' milk cheese with small round holes. It's sometimes flavoured with caraway seeds.

Elbo: Another cows' milk cheese with holes, bland, but slightly aromatic. It's usually coated in red wax.

Esrom: a washed-rind cows' milk with holes, cheese similar to GermanTilsit. It has a rich flavour, and is quite spicy, particularly if the rind is eaten.

Fynbo: A mild, buttery, cows' milk cheese, with a few round holes. Usually coated in red or yellow wax.

Havarti: A cows milk cheese, in the style of German Tilsit (so rind-washed).. mature cheeses can be quite pungent and higher-fat varieties are often flavoured with caraway seeds.

Hingino: A hard, dry, grating cheese - inspired by Italian Canestrato; although this is made of cows' milk, not ewes'.

Maribo: A full-flavoured, cows' milk cheese in a Gouda-style, with holes. Generally presented in yellow wax.

Molbo: A cows' milk cheese, in flavour an appearance, similar to Dutch Edam

Mycella: A cows' milk cheese, resembling Gorgonzola.

Rygeost: Smoked acid-curd cheese coated with caraway seeds.

Samso: The most popular cheese in Denmark Made from cows' milk, and based on Emmental - so having holes. Named after the island of the same same. 'Danbo'; 'Elbo'; 'Fynbo'; and 'Tybo' are based on it.

Tybo: A cows' milk cheese, similar to Elbo and Mobo (but square in shape), - a caraway-flavoured version is available. Insert

Danish open sandwich - see Smorrebrod

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dansh blue cheese
dansh blue cheese