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Ossobuco Recipe

This famous Italian veal dish literally means 'bone with a hole', and is made from shins of veal, slowly braised in a white wine broth with vegetables.
The finished dish is traditionally sprinkled with Gremolata/gremolada crumbs at the table.

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For 6 people:

- 6 thick slices of veal shin bone, complete with marrow (some good butchers advertise this specially for ossobuco

- 10g dried Porcini/Ceps or a similar quantity of 'Forest Mix' - we recommend those from (

- 3 medium Onions, peeled and finely-chopped

- 2 big carrots, peeled and finely-chopped

- 2 sticks of Celery, finely-chopped

- 50g/2 oz Butter

- 1 big or 2 medium cloves of Garlic, peeled and finely-chopped

- 2 strips of Lemon Peel

- 3 tablespoons (45ml) Olive Oil

- 90g/3 oz Plain Flour - spread on a plate and seasoned with salt & pepper

- 250ml/½ pint Dry White Wine

- 250ml/½ pint Stock - either chicken or made with a good proprietary brand such as Marigold Vegetable Stock

- about 300g/10 oz Tomato Sugocasa or Passata

- 6 leaves of fresh Basil

- 2 Bay Leaves

- A big pinch of dried Thyme

- 2-3 sprigs of fresh Parsley

- Freshly-ground Black Pepper

- A little Salt - to taste

And for the Gremolata/gremolada:

- The grated rind from a big lemon, a small clove of Garlic (peeled & finely-chopped), 1 tablespoon of finely-chopped Parsley

Mix these ingredients together.


- Soak the dried mushrooms in about 250ml/½ pint of hot water, for at least 15 minutes. Set aside in their liquid.

- Don't remove the membrane that holds the veal together, but trim off any extra fatty bits.

- Roll the meat loints in the seasoned flour.

- Heat the oven to 180°C/350°/Gas 4.

- Heat half the butter and oil over a medium heat and add the chopped onions - sauté them until they start to colour, then add the carrots, celery, lemon peel and garlic. Cook for a further 2 minutes. Remove from the heat.

- Heat the remaining butter and oil in wide pan, big enough to hold all the ingredients, and turn the pieces of veal over in the seasoned flour.

- When the oil is hot, fry the veal on all sides until it colours.

- Set the meat aside.

- Return the onion mixture to the heat and add the white wine.

- Deglaze the pan by scraping the bottom with a spoon to remove any caramel colour, the pour this mixture over the meat.

- Add the remaining ingredients (except the gremolata) - but including your reserved mushroom liquid - to the meat pan, and return it to the heat.

- When it starts to bubble, cover it, and put it in the heated oven

- Cook for about 2 hours, turning the veal pieces over carefully half way through. If you feel you need more liquid, add a little water.

- The meat should be very tender.

Sprinkle with the gremolata, just before serving, and hand a little extra round.

Traditionally served with Risotto Milanese. See Risotto Milanese

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