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Pigeon Pie Recipe

An excellent pie that can be prepared ahead of time, then finished in the oven for the last hour. It can also be reheated, although if you do this in a microwave oven, the pastry will go soggy.

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For 4 good helpings:

4 Pigeons, ask your butcher to remove the breasts, but also give you the carcasses as you need them for stock

Stock Ingredients -
1 medium Onion – peeled and roughly-chopped
1 large Carrot – peeled and roughly-chopped
1 medium clove of Garlic, peeled & roughly chopped
1 stick/piece of Celery – roughly chopped
1 teaspoon/5ml Tomato Purée

Pie Filling & Topping Ingredients:

30g/1 oz Butter
500m/ 1 pint Water
1 Bay Leaf
1 medium Onion, peeled and finely-sliced
1 large Carrot, peeled and cut into very small dice
1 medium clove of Garlic, peeled and finely-chopped
6 thin slices of Streaky Bacon – de-rinded if necessary the roughly-chopped
100g/3 oz Mushrooms – sliced (flats will have more flavour)
100ml/ 4 fl oz
4 hard-boiled Eggs, cut into quarters
6 medium potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced
the carcasses from the pigeons
1 heaped teaspoon /5 ml Flour
A little Salt & Pepper
350g 12oz Puff Pastry – (use butter versions from a supermarket (thawed), or make your own)
1 egg – lightly-beaten or 25ml/ 1 fl oz Milk – for glazing & attaching pastry

Equipment needed: an oven-proof pie dish – or 4 individual pie dishes


1. Put all the stock ingredients into a saucepan and add about 1 pint/ 500ml water & bring the mixture slowly to the boil – then reduce to a simmer.
2. Cook slowly for 40 minutes – gently removing any scum if it appears, then strain and discard the solids reserving the liquid.
3. Melt the butter gently in a heavy non-aluminium saucepan and add the chopped onion, carrot, and garlic and 'sweat' slowly until the onion is translucent.
4. Cut the pigeon breasts into chunks, perhaps 6-8 from each breast.
5. Turn up the heat to medium, then add the pigeon meat to the onion mixture.
6. Turn the pigeon pieces over until they have sealed & their colour has changed all around, then mix in the mushroom slices.
7. Add the flour, followed by a little of the red wine, mix until smooth then slowly add the stock.
8. Add the potato slices, followed by the hard boiled eggs, then mix well to form a blend.
9. Put this mixture in a pie dish or share this between 4 individual dishes.
10. Roll out the pastry thinly, then allow it relax for a few minutes.
11. Trim off thin strips of pastry, just wide enough to form a thin rim around your bowl or individual bowls – 'stick' this/these on with a little of the milk or egg-wash.
12. Fill your pie dish / pie dishes with the mixture, then cover with your rolled-out pastry.
13. Heat the oven to 200ºC/400ºF.
14. Chill the pie/pies in the fridge while you heat the oven – half an hour or longer would be ideal, but even a few minutes is beneficial.
15. Bake for 40 minutes for 35 minutes.


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